The Music Box Theatre: A Staple to the Chicago Theatre Community

By Nick Toppel and Jake Jozefowicz

Young families pushing strollers down Southport Avenue in Lakeview – an area known as “Stroller Alley” – often pass by a the theater best known visually by its magnificent marquee out front which simply reads, “MUSIC BOX.”

It’s hard to miss it at night when it’s lit up in a bright red glow, and has been a staple in the North Side neighborhood for many years. In a city full of many magnificent arts — music, dance, sculpture and acting, The Music Box stands out in Chicago’s fleet of historic theaters and auditoriums built in the late 1800s and early 1900s that still stand and operate today.

Located just a few blocks west of Wrigley Field, and built nearly a century ago, the Music Box Theater is widely considered one of the most historical places in Chicago.

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Map: 10 Music Venues in Chicago

If there is one thing that people like to do on a night out it is to catch a show at a local theatre or venue. Luckily for people located in Chicago, there is no shortage of venues to check out when wanting to see some live music. This Google My Maps shows ten small to mid-size level clubs and theatres that are a huge part of Chicago’s history. Attending a show at any of these places will leave the goer entertained and possibly leaving with a bit of history.

Google Trends: Grammy’s and Women in Music, Nuclear War and Donald Trump

The Grammy’s and Women in Music

The Grammy’s, which is the biggest night in music, aired over the weekend. What has a lot of people talking is the representation of women winning awards at the ceremony compared to their male peers. In this Google Trend, there was a spike in talk about the Grammy’s but the topic of women was ignored by most searches. There has been call to change regarding the way these shows conduct the winner and it certainly does not have to do with women not standing up, as the Grammy’s President had to say following the awards.

Nuclear War and Donald Trump

Over the course of Donald Trump’s presidency, there have been several instances where nuclear war has been brought up. Whether or not these threats hold any real concern is yet to be seen, however according to this Google Trend there seems to be a correlation in what people search. It seems as though whenever Trump speaks of or tweets about nuclear war with North Korea, there is a slight increase in searches for the term nuclear. It is evident that people are affected by these comments enough to search about them.


DIY Chicago

DIY Chicago

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Chicago’s DIY

By Kord Staley and Nick Toppel

Bob Vila showing homeowners how to rip out their kitchen cabinets and install new ones for themselves might be the first image in some peoples mind of Do-it-yourself but DIY music has its roots in the punk rock scene of the 1970’s.


DIY is “DO-It-Yourself” music.  It embraces working collectively and doing everything yourself which highlights the artist’s autonomy.

In the late 70’s, faced with a market that made it extremely difficult to get radio play. DIY came about as a way for artist to not have to conform to the mainstream music industry.

Relying on their own ingenuity and embracing a punk ideology.  Bands such as Death and Riot Grrrl took over and did everything for themselves.  Every step of the process from recording, production and merchandising to distribution and promotion as well as producing ‘zines to reach out to their audience.

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